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• Extraordinary Vision and Experience

Online since 1979. Business Consultant, Value Added Reseller, and Communications Solutions Provider since 1987. Online services since 1990. Internet services since 1993.

We've conceived, designed, produced, marketed, and supported original hardware and software products since 1987.

As a Business Consultant, Value Added Reseller, and Internet Services Provider, we've designed and delivered targeted solutions for clients and customers in every state in the USA and more than a dozen other countries around the world.

As creative problem solvers and bottom-line solution providers, Palapala Networks blends a big picture sensibility with attention to detail to achieve intended results and sustain success.

Our professional experience in mass communications began in the early 1970's with positions in radio, television, and print media. Everything changed in 1979 when we were introduced to a 300 baud computer modem for online communications. Suddenly, the future foretold unprecedented and unparalleled access to people, information, products and services.

A world dominated by "few-to-many" communications systems - mass media managed by governments and major corporations - has evolved to rely on "many-to-many" communications systems whose creation and management includes individuals and small entities.

We've helped create the future and we're prepared to serve select new clients and customers.

• Sustained Success

Decades of experience and a proven track record of success has enabled Palapala Networks to excel in the management of a geographically diverse organizational structure through creative, appropriate, and effective use of communications media.

We're based in Nevada. Our original office is in New Hampshire. Inspiration comes from Hawaii. We travel where needed and provide Fully Managed Internet Hosting Services through state-of-the-art Network Operation Centers.

A portion of our proceeds continues to help people in need wherever they're located, including all proceeds from affiliate sales. Shop and help people in need.

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