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Palapala Networks provides critical, strategic, and operational business management consulting services to senior executives and others who require rapid results and/or seek sustained success.

Our work is tailored to the specific and unique needs of each client each time we're hired. We work with budgets large and small and commit to engagements of varying duration. We work online and on-site and consistently achieve objectives on time, on budget, and on purpose.

We facilitate success by transforming crisis and challenge into improved performance and realized opportunity. We know that working smart is more important than working hard. Don't confuse action for movement: just because the wheels are turning doesn't mean you're going anywhere.

• What we do:

1) Clarify determination of goals and objectives
2) Assess organizational structure, communications systems, and resources
3) Assist in setting and aligning priorities; create strategic and operational plans
4) Perform market research and provide critical intelligence and recommendations
5) Facilitate implementation, negotiations, project and business development

Focus: Project and organizational review, systems of accountability, introductions, presentations, business plans, contract negotiations, mediation, capital formation, debt management, mergers, partnerships, acquisitions, IPO preparation, deal packaging, public campaigns, product development, relationship management (w/customers, constituents, employees, investors). Mapping and monitoring success.

• Who we serve:

We've served senior executives in the public and private sector since 1987 by providing a full breadth of critical, life-cycle assistance. Creative, effective, and appropriate ideas, systems, and tools for driving success with special expertise in the management of geographically diverse organizational structures.

We're particularly adept at managing crises and facilitating success for start-ups, transitions, and bouncebacks/turnarounds. We provide critical intelligence and expert advice. And, we follow through with representation and implementation when retained and empowered to do so.

Priority Management. What matters? What's most important? What difference will it make? What needs to be done that's not being done or needs improvement?

Whether you're an individual, small business owner, or represent a large organization, the more important your concern is to you, the more likely we're a good fit to best serve you and facilitate your success.

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Palapala Networks has a long and proven record of success and a wealth of resources: administrative, technical, creative, supportive. Contact Us for a free, initial consultation about what's best for your aims.


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